Just a few days ago employees from Google staged a walk-off in the light of Google’s inability to deal with cases of sexual misconduct. These claims of sexual misconduct are leveled against the topmost executives of Google, and so far Google’s inaction caused employees to stage a walk off the job. The walk-off was coordinated by employees of Google en masse, reports suggest about thousands of employees marched towards the Google HQ. On reaching upon search giant’s global headquarters in Mountain View, California, they chanted and held up placards, slogans against sexual harassment at the workplace.

On November 1, Employees of about 50 Google offices, from Tokyo to San Francisco in a global walk off left work and joined their co-workers to listen to each other’s personal experiences on microphones and placards held up. It is estimated that more than twenty thousand full-time workers and contractors globally participated in the protest. This tech workout was one of a kind, and employees/ analysts say that they have never seen anything like it before.

Hannah Brenner, a professor at the California Western School of Law, has called it “unprecedented.” The line of workers was as long as the eyes could see, outside Mountain View California extended outside of the public park, through which they streamed onto Google campus. Silicon Valley will remember such walk off by the employees as it set a historical example just months after some employees quit over project “DragonFly.” For those of you who are unaware, project DragonFly is set up to build a censored search engine in China. In a letter to Sundar Pichai Google CEO, employees asked him to come clean about the project as it is touted to be a secret drone project for US government that potentially could weaponize Al search.

November 1’s protest was all about urging Google to end “forced arbitration” reported in cases of sexual assault and harassment. A Twitter account was also set up by organizers of the protest to provide ball by ball commentary on the happenings of the day. Employees raised slogans of demands for Google leadership to put an end to forced arbitration.

The term forced arbitration means that people waive their right to sue and agree to a confidentiality agreement, at times when asked. This ruthless policy is not acceptable by employees of Google anymore, and they urged upon the high command to put into the public eye a sexual harassment transparency report. The protest kicked off in light of a report in the New York Times recently as a part of the #metoo campaign. Android creator Andy Rubin had allegedly forced a female worker to perform oral sex on him in a hotel room in 2013.

After looking into sexual misconduct allegations against Andy Rubin, he was held guilty and asked to terminate services by Google. He was given an exit package of $90 million, the reports say. However, no one knows when Andy Rubin resigned from Google as the tech giant declined to comment upon the issue. Googlers set up a historical example for other tech giants to organize similar level protests on their campus.


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