Instagram Equipped With AI To Illustrate Photos For Users Having Visual Problems

Instagram has extended support for people with visual impairments, and it will facilitate better user experience on the app. Instagram has said that it will be rolling out a new update in which they will include a function which will allow screen readers to explain photos. It might be using their added AI functions or using the custom description provided by the uploader.

The description is widely used, known as “alt text,” will now be included in Instagram to help users to understand the picture better. Users can add the custom descriptions which will be available for screen readers as it will be read aloud as they will explore the feed. It might be a great function for those with visual impairments or blindness.

Instagram is not the first social media platform to add the feature, its parent app Facebook is also using the same function for years. However, it is a terrific attempt to include the service on Instagram as Instagram is one of the most used social media nowadays. Nonetheless, if a user does not provide the alt text or custom description, then AI will come to the rescue as it will use its understanding to describe the picture, and it will explain to the respective screen reader.

The new function will not be available directly to the users, and it can be accessed by going into “advanced settings” and including the feature.

Written by Jay Patel

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