Instagram Users Can Now Share Instagram TV Videos To Story

Users Can Now Share Instagram TV Videos To Instagram Story

Instagram has been bringing new changes to its story feature. Their stories are becoming more and more popular, and they are now trying to take it further. We recently saw that Instagram music was launched which was also widely appreciated. On top of that, Instagram TV was launched this year, and that was a unique feature for any social media platform.

Instagram TV is also a hit, and now Instagram is combining its two hit features. Now, users can share IGTV videos to your Instagram Story. To share any IGTV video, you have to tap the paper airplane or send icon which will pop up another menu. Select “Add video to your story,” which will add the video to your story.

Viewers of your story can tap on that video and directly go to IGTV to watch the same. Previously, if we had to share any IGTV video, we could only do it via swipe up feature. Not to forget, not everyone has access to swipe up. So, this is undoubtedly a welcome move for the Instagram fam!

Moreover, users can now even share a preview of TV video to their Instagram Story, similar to the story reposting in which a user is mentioned. Instagram has tried to bridge the gap between Instagram TV and their story feature, which might help IGTV to grow even further!

Written by Jay Patel

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