Instagram’s New Feature ‘Close Friends’ Is Terrific

Instagram's New Feature 'Close Friends' Is Terrific

As we know, Instagram is becoming more popular than ever, but it has many concerns too. Facebook’s more exposure led to youngsters leaving the social media platform and moving to more private alternatives such as Snapchat, and Instagram is also on the verge of the same situation. But the parent company facebook seems to be making efforts to avoid the situation.

Facebook has been trying make Instagram more personal, and the work was started in 2017. But their work deviated from what they actually thought, and now it has been launched on the social media. The feature will let users choose a limited group where they can share stories, and the viewers can distinguish between the stories by a green circle around it, indicating that the story is sent to a limited people.

Instagram's New Feature 'Close Friends' Is Terrific

Users can modify their ‘close friends’ list without any notification to the respective users. When a user removes someone from the list, the person would think that the user might not have shared anything during the period. To access the new feature, users will have to just click a picture and then tap on the new green circle. After that, users can select the recipients to make a list of close ones.

After making the list, users can modify it without letting anyone know. So, a great feature altogether.

Written by Jay Patel

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