iPhone XR Received Poor Response From Fans on the Launch Day

iPhone XR

iPhone has always received a huge crowd on the launch day as everyone wants their hands on the newest gadget from Apple. iPhones have been ruling the smartphone market as it provides certain advantages over other smartphone companies. Not just that, the company even enjoys an extraordinarily loyal and worldwide fan following which is the main reason of their devices being fan-favorite.

As we all know, a new addition of iPhone series leads to the chaos around the Apple stores as there are thousands of people waiting to use the latest iPhone. Unfortunately, iPhone XR could not have that privilege as the fans avoided to show at the Apple store on its launch on Friday. We know that the phone is value for money device and it is even welcomed by many critics.

But still, there was a lack of interest among the fans. Talking about the most crowded Apple store in the central part of Sydney, where usually there are thousands of people when a new iPhone launch day arrives. However, this time it was seen that there was almost nobody at the story an hour before the gates of the store opened. At the opening time, there were a few people, maybe a dozen or something, which clearly showed the lack of attentiveness among the fans.

On the other side, London’s Covent Garden Apple store too was noticed quite compared to the last iPhone launch which was just a month ago. Similarly, there were maybe a few dozen people at Fifth Avenue New York store too, which proved the scarcity of interest among the buyers.

iPhone XR

I think that was due to the release structure of new iPhones, as all the fans must have bought the expensive iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. So, that must have resulted into uninterested behavior towards budget friendly phone as they already have a high-end phone. If it was not it, then it might be the colors that the iPhone XR offers. Nonetheless, they are more attractive than promoting anything adverse.

Overall, there was a meagre amount of response to the new iPhone XR, which must have hit the eyes of Apple. They must be figuring out what was the issue and they will surely come up with a statement regarding the same!

Written by Jay Patel

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