Latest iOS 12.1.1 Makes Flipping Camera Easier

Latest iOS 12.1.1 Makes Flipping Camera Easier

Apple’s new update for iOS 12, named iOS 12.1.1, will bring another convenient feature along with other fixes. As we know, iOS 12 received mixed responses because people were having several problems while using the new UI, and the main change was the “flip camera button” which was hard to find. When a user is talking with someone, it is least expected that they are busy finding camera changing button.

Previously, the “flip camera” option was hidden behind a menu, which was annoying as users cannot quickly change the camera. Moreover, another feature which was removed in the previous update was Live Photos option during video calls. However, users were happy to know that “flip camera” button will be back to the main screen, and now it can be found on the bottom menu stack, which also includes Mute, Effects, and End Call Button.

Other major changes are also coming with the new update, as the latest iPhones iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max will support eSIM for some other network providers. You can find the changelog on your iPhone and iPad in Software Update option in General Settings.


Written by Jay Patel

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