Lime Recalls Scooters After Discovering A Potential Battery Threat

Lime Recalls Scooters After Discovering A Potential Battery Threat

Lime, a transport firm that has provided scooters on streets across the globe, has discovered a possible threat in the US batch of scooters. Lime has recalled some of its scooters as they found an issue with their battery which may catch fire. As we know, it is a new company, so it must take care of its early reputation.

Lime announced on Wednesday that they had found a problem in some of their Ninebot model scooters. It is about the battery, and the issue was addressed back in August, and they have already recalled the problematic scooters to their facility.

They were enlightened by a private news agency’s contact after they learned that there were reports of Lime scooters catching fire. Lime refused to give any comments at that time, but they must have worked harder to find out the bug. So, finally, they have found the problem, and now they are ready to do the repair works.

Lime Recalls Scooters After Discovering A Potential Battery Threat
Lime Scooters

Apart from the known issue, they have also mentioned that there might be another issue in its other scooter. They informed that they are examining an uncertain report which they recently received. The problem remains in the battery again, so they must work it out.

Not to forget, Lime is growing like never before, and it is spreading in several cities and even countries at a high pace. Lime is right now operating in 70 cities of the US and Europe, providing 6 million rides through its scooter network.

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