Lyft Teases Its New Driverless Car To Hit The Roads Soon

Lyft Driverless Car

Lyft had been in the news for a while, all about their new work into self-driving or driverless cars! As we all know, Lyft has been providing taxi service for users, but this time it is planning to develop a new self-driving car. Their efforts have been in the right way since then.

They initially started to work on the concept, and they soon acquired a UK based augmented reality related start-up venture Blue Vision Labs whose concept will help their cars to locate and analyze their surroundings. They will be on the Level 5 Team of Lyft to help the project with their knowledge and accomplishment in their field.

This is Lyft’s biggest gamble, as they have acquired a firm to help them out in this particular project. Their investments can go into a vein if they do not get everything done in the right manner. They are keeping an eye on everything to ensure everything is happening in the way it should. A representative from the company said, “We are always evaluating build versus buy,” which means they are going to consider all the factors to build it!

Lyft Driverless Car

They are also very careful and technically concerned with which type of car they are working. They have collaborated with Ford, and they will be introducing a Fusion Hybrid test car which will be driverless. They have been saying that the car will be “soon” on the road but that soon seems to be far away as of now.

As this is their biggest gamble and has a company such as Ford on the stake, they must pull out something that is going to evolve the transportation industry. Nonetheless, we all are waiting for Ford and Lyft’s collaboration’s fruitful outcomes.

Written by Jay Patel

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