Microsoft Announced An Unprecedented Revenue In Q1 Of 2019

Microsoft Announced an Unprecedented Revenue in Q1 of 2019

As we know, Microsoft has been a little bit sidelined due to many other competitive rivals in their every working area. But nobody should forget that Microsoft was invented way before its rivals were even thought of. So, Microsoft clearly knows how to gain its respect back, and it has proven itself yet again.

Microsoft proudly announced that their sales of the first quarter of 2019 had increased immensely and they have a new record for the first quarter revenue. Microsoft informed that the first quarter of its 2019 financial year has been fantastic, as mentioned revenue is $29.1 billion and net income is $8.8 billion.

Statistically, revenue is uplifted by 19 percent, but contrastingly, the net income is increased by 34%. Microsoft has given major credit to the strong growth of its cloud service. Moreover, they also mentioned that it is also because of their recently launched Surface Go Tablet. Not to forget, Microsoft has secured its place in top 5 PC manufacturers, thanks to Surface.

More importantly, Microsoft recently launched their new Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2, but they are planned to go on sale in October. Now that means the revenue will be counted in the second quarter of the upcoming year. So, Q2 financial results are supposed to be influenced by the performance of its new PCs.

On the other side, Xbox has also played an active part to lead Microsoft to this result. Gaming section of Microsoft has experienced an uplift of 44%. Noticeably, Xbox hardware income has been increasing immensely, which grew by 94% in this quarter. So, Microsoft has a lot of sections doing the work to rewrite the historical records!

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