Microsoft Office Is Providing A Dark Theme For macOS Mojave

Microsoft Office Is Providing A Dark Theme For macOS Mojave

Microsoft’s Office has been quite flashy and enlightened since it was first introduced. But as we know, new macOS Mojave is coming with a subtle dark operating system, so Microsoft had to optimize their Office too. So, we are now blessed with a dark mode option for Office apps on the upcoming macOS Mojave.

The option is still under work and testing, but it is confirmed that it will soon hit the new operating system on Mac. Microsoft Office product manager Akshay Bakshi himself announced the new feature on Twitter, which left many delighted. More importantly, users will not have to wait for a long time as we might see the new update as soon as next week.

However, the new update is influenced by new macOS Mojave, but it will be closed to Office 365 users. So normal Office users will not have the dark theme option, so sorry! So, once the testing period completes for Office 365, it will be widely available for Office users who are subscribed to Microsoft’s Office service.

Microsoft Office Is Providing A Dark Theme For macOS Mojave
Dark Theme

Also, the dark mode update will also be available on and Windows 10, which will be similar to its Mac Officer update version. Many people also noticed that Microsoft provided a File Explorer dark mode in the October 2018 update. Interestingly, they are thinking of designing the whole Windows 10 on the same theme.

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