Moto G7 Play Will Have 2820 mAh Battery

Moto G7 Play Will Have 2820 mAh Battery

Motorola’s yet-to-be-announced Moto G7 Play has been completely leaked, be it from its specifications or even its manual, everything has been revealed, thanks to FCC. Everything in details is available about the smartphone, be it its outer or inner images or technical information. Although everything is known, the biggest news is that Moto G7 Play will be available with a notch, and we cannot get rid of it even though we believed we could.

Moto G7 Play Will Have 2820 mAh Battery

Notch contains a secondary camera, flash, and a speaker, and it is unclear whether there will be any face-recognition function. If there will be any face-recognition feature, the sensor will be in the notch too. The phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor, which is a big leap from its predecessor, as the previous model had 400 series processor.

There are specific facts available about the phone, including a headphone jack (iPhone users might be unhappy), a fingerprint sensor at the back, a single primary camera (unexpected), and a USB-C port. The phone will have two color options as per FCC, black and light blue.

Coming to the main point, last year’s G6 Play had a massive 4000 mAh battery, and it was undoubtedly a great job from Motorola. However, they have reduced the battery capacity this time, as Moto G7 Play will be sold with only 2820 mAh battery. If they would have given 3500 mAh battery, then also we would appreciate, but 2820 mAh is very low. I have no idea why would they aim for a battery with lower capacity when their competitors have better battery backups, and even they featured better battery in the previous model.

It was justified for Moto Z Play because it has mods and they might aim to sell more battery mods to gain more selling. But Moto G7 Play’s battery is disappointing, and I have no explanation, and Motorola better has an explanation while they launch. We do not have any information related to its release date or pricing, and we hope that they announce more details soon!

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