Netflix Added New Controls To Its iOS App

Netflix Added New Controls To iOS App

Netflix has been making a lot of changes, as it continues to be one of the most used streaming services. So, it has to keep up with the standards, and it is simultaneously keeping things in check. Netflix recently released a new update of Netflix on iOS, which gave users more control over the application. First of all, you can now use the YouTube’s widely-loved double tap to forward or backward option.

Yes, the streaming giant has finally eliminated the confusion and added the double tap feature. Previously, users who are using YouTube and Netflix were applied to the double tap feature on YouTube, but mistakenly trying to do the same on Netflix would lead to an irritating zoom into the screen. So, users will feel more relaxed to use either service.

Netflix Added New Controls To iOS App

Not just that, we also noticed a bigger play/pause button which will make pausing or playing video more convenient. Furthermore, the update also added a row of controlling options at the bottom area, providing a Next Episode tab too. Otherwise, we would have to close the current episode and then find the next episode and play.

On top of that, Netflix has added an Episodes button which will pop up a window of episodes where viewers can choose whichever episode of the current show. And there is an Audio&Subtitles button added in the center of that row, to change audio or to enable or disable subtitles. You can download the new update from the App Store now, and enjoy the new features!

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