I am sure that Netflix would be appeased from their idea to organize a Hack Day. This year’s Fall 2018 Hack Day was terrific, and there were tons of different ideas rampant at their event. But the most crucial hack or innovation was Eye Navigation. Yes, you guessed that right! It is about using the Netflix app by pointing your eyes on the screen.

The plugin was available for the iOS device, and it used iPhone’s fake ID to work this feature. Users can explore Netflix’s vast library and choose their favorite show or movie. Users can also watch any media using eye movement, and they can go on the previous screen using eyes too! Although it was a bit funny, users need to stick out their tongue to go on the back screen or to stop a video.

If this feature is implemented, it will help a lot of people who are not as blessed as everyone. Maybe someone who has motor impairments or has any other issue that might stop them using apps would be again using Netflix. This will improve the accessibility of Netflix!

Another major hack which was noticeable was “Jump To Shark” in which viewers can directly jump to the action scenes of movies. The mystery behind the name is not deep; it is just that Netflix used movie Sharknado to show their feature! So, it would be interesting to see which of these inventions are coming to Netflix!


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