Nintendo Switch Might Receive YouTube App Soon

Nintendo Switch Might Receive YouTube App Soon

Nintendo has been trying everything to make its Nintendo Switch popular. Nintendo has managed to bring in many top-tier titles, but it still lacks many favorite apps that are available on other devices. Noticeably, a main and essential app YouTube is also not available on Nintendo Switch. The users might also be missing YouTube as it is available on almost all the other competitive gaming consoles.

Nintendo Switch Might Receive YouTube App Soon

However, we might see YouTube on Nintendo Switch soon. There has been no official announcement about the same, but users have spotted YouTube in “suggested” part of the Nintendo website. It might be a big clue, and we can expect the app soon. The suggested column also shares that the app might be available from 8 November, and I hope that that is true.

As I mentioned, it is not confirmed from any side, not from Nintendo and nor from YouTube. But still, Netflix and YouTube were seen in past on a Best Buy Nintendo Switch listing. The listing was later updated, and Netflix and YouTube were removed.

So, we can assume that Netflix might be the next popular app which will be available in Nintendo Switch. If Netflix comes to Nintendo Switch, then it will surely make Switch users happy! Hulu is the only option available for Switch users, but I am sure that there is more to come. Maybe Spotify or Amazon Prime might also be in the queue.

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