When it comes to consoles, people generally prefer the ones with more versatility, and when we think of it, the choices that cross our minds are PlayStation and Xbox One, as, beyond gaming, they offer more. On being compared to it, Nintendo Switch is the prime option for gaming, and one of the major issues that users have been complaining over the past is the lack of video streaming app support.

Nintendo Switch To Add Youtube Support:

Nintendo Switch Youtube.
Nintendo Switch to add Youtube.

However, the devs did try to satisfy the community with the support to Hulu but, still, giants such as Youtube and other were missing which the others have. Now, latest rumors suggest that Nintendo Switch will be adding Youtube to its supported app list. It has been a year since the last upgrade was made, and this rumor just fits perfect.

If you don’t know what I mean then let me clear this, Nintendo Switch extended its reach to Hulu last November, and now, one year has passed and now, we are on November, so this rumor of adding Youtube sound legit. But, let me remind you, this is not a new rumor, and it originally began to circulate a few months back but, it was cleared by Reggie Fils-Aimé of Nintendo who said that currently, the main focus is to keep it as a gaming device but, planning of extending the support were underway.

However, according to a report from ResetEra, Youtube is in Nintendo’s Recommendation radar, and we also have a date which seems to be its release date which is on 8th of November. Also, a message was up on the official site of Nintendo which indicated its release on eShop. Also, there is a leak via Twitter which solidifies it. However, it won’t be too wise to take these rumors seriously, so we just have to wait till Thursday to find the legitimacy of it. It is only a matter of few days until we eventually find out.


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