Old Messages Popping Back on Facebook

Old Messages Popping Back on Facebook

Facebook has been facing a lot of troubles, and that does not seem to be getting away anytime soon. Users are reporting another bug in Facebook, and the bug is causing chaos in the users’ message section. Users have reported that Facebook was showing years-old messages without any context or explanation. Facebook has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and they have been working on a fix since the day they realized.

Facebook said, “Some people see older messages on We are aware of the issue and are actively working to resolve it in as soon as possible,” a Facebook executive told a private news agency. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” he added.

Many users have also expressed that the bug could lead to resurfacing the conversations they would not want to, and it would confuse them about which messages are recent and which are just mistakenly shown. Not everyone deletes the history time-to-time, and the bug could be a nightmare for those users.

This had happened to Facebook before, back in 2015, when their new feature On This Day was showing painful memories to users as the function was immature to distinguish between good memories and those containing tragedies. It would be interesting to see how quick Facebook resolves this issue, as there is enough criticism already.

Written by Jay Patel

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