POKEMON Detective Pikachu: Fans Divided over ‘Gross’ Furry Looking Pikachu

POKEMON Detective Pikachu is in town and this time has made it to a major Hollywood flick. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu. One may give Pikachu’s voice a ten on 10, for Ryan has included his zing, sarcasm, and comedy into the voice of Pika. But what’s unsettling is Pikachu’s look that you may or may not buy. Is it a yellow colored cat, is it a mouse, who can tell?

Pikachu has been the face of Pokemon franchise for about 20 years now, basically ever since we know about it. He’s the one with, Ash Ketchum; he is his partner in crime, his companion, his buddy for life! You’d think that users would do a good job sketching Pikachu and putting life into it. Nay. Sadly they have failed. IMO Pikachu in the latest POKEMON Detective Pikachu is a furry looking cat/mouse that fails to live up to the expectations of previous Pikachu. If you haven’t seen the trailer for POKEMON Detective Pikachu, you must right now.

My first question as a religious watcher of Pokemon is that, why is that wooly cat/mouse wearing a cap? But I’ll let it slip away this time as he’s a “detective” in the movie. Fans have called his appearance as “grotesque” and “disgusting.” Some fans do not agree on furry Pikachu’s appearance and say that this is how he should be. They argue that Pikachu’s furry look in POKEMON Detective Pikachu is realistic to the core. And they argue that it is not the first time that Pikachu has been seen with a furry body.

Pikachu’s shape continues to change and evolve with newest Pikachu’s additions in the franchise. For example, in the upcoming Let’s Go Pikachu game, he’s shown with a forehead fringe. Pikachu is an electric type Pokemon mouse, and as of today, it is a global phenomenon, an easy favorite, and a household name.

POKEMON Detective Pikachu is the newest Warner Bros film to give real-life like 3D depiction to Pikachu. It also becomes the first official movie of its kind, as in it has integrated Pokemon with Hollywood actors. Deadpool megastar is Pikachu’s voice; earlier it was voiced by Japanese actress Ikue Otani. I guess Hollywood is completely trying to stylise Pikachu its own way, which some won’t like at all!

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