PUBG Will Be Added To Xbox In November 2018

PUBG Will Be Added To Xbox in November 2018

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), one of the top games of this year, is all set to hit Xbox One gaming consoles. Microsoft has announced to add PUBG to their Xbox Game Pass subscription, and the date of release is 12 November 2018. So, those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 will gain access to PUBG as well as other 100 games. A great deal, for sure!

However, this move is considered to be the reaction of Sony’s rumored release of PUBG on their flagship gaming console PlayStation 4 in November this year. Above all, gamers are getting the advantage of this rivalry, and we might see competitive pricing from Sony too if they launch PUBG on PS4!

Another report also suggests that Microsoft might have paid for a year of exclusive rights for PUBG on Xbox One. If that is the case, the PS4 users will have to stick with the rival game Fortnite and glorify the same. But I think that PUBG makers will see the potential of PS4 as it enjoys millions of users worldwide, considerably much higher than Xbox One.

It would be interesting to see what are the future moves from both the gaming console giants. PUBG fans might be surely keeping a close eye on the advancements!

Written by Jay Patel

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