Qualcomm Apple Feud Will Start Trials In Court

Qualcomm Apple Feud In Trials In Court

Apple and Qualcomm are still in issues, and they have been putting allegations on each other since January 2017. Firstly, Apple sued Qualcomm, and then Qualcomm has accused Apple of giving sensitive information of Qualcomm to its rival chipmaker Intel. It would be a big blow if Apple will be proved guilty, but Apple has denied the accusations and has assured that it would never be possible.

The matter is in court, and a federal judge has given a date for starting trials as both the companies could not settle the issues themselves. Now, both the companies would be having their enough arguments, and it would be interesting to see who has the upper hand in this situation. But I hope that Qualcomm has any proof of Apple providing data to Intel. Otherwise, they might be in a big mess.

The case started when Qualcomm made allegations on Apple about sharing proprietary codes, and they the company reached court and court gave both the companies time to resolve the issue. Failing to solve, the court will now start hearing about the issue and will analyze arguments and evidence of both the sides. So, if anything goes wrong on either side, losing company will have to lose a lot of things, including reputation.

Written by Jay Patel

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