“R” In iPhone XR Explained By Apple Marketing Chief

iPhone XR

Everyone is wondering how Apple names its mobile phones. It started with 3GS, and then it never stopped. Apple used to give an explanation about some of the models like iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, and iPhone SE. But it turned out that this time they had no explanation about iPhone XR. However, we found something that Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing Phil Schiller has to say.

First of all, we have to admit that iPhones do not need any introduction or any explanation as they have been evolving as no other device could. It has been an inspiration to many manufacturers. Still, 3GS was an unusual name, so Apple had to inform users what does that stand for. At the time of the announcement, Schiller said that S stands for nothing more than speed, as it was the fastest phone at that time.

Afterward, 4S was launched, and Tim Cook announced that this time, S stands for Siri, as Siri was added in iPhone 4S firstly. That was the last explanation for S, as it became a usual notation for Apple phones. Another phone that was given an unusual name was Apple SE. That was too explained, as it meant Special Edition of iPhone.

However, history has not been repeated this time, as iPhone XR has no meaning at all, not from Apple’s database at least. People are assuming whatever they like for R, but it is nothing official. Nonetheless, Schiller again gave his opinion, and he said that R stands for nothing, it was just a random thought to put in R.

Interestingly, Schiller explained what he believes about S and R in the latest edition of iPhones. He believes that S and R stand for luxury, similar to cars that have S and R class (mainly in Mercedes-Benz). So, do not think much about what R or S means, simply just enjoy using one of the best phone series available right now!

Written by Jay Patel

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