Samsung Is Reportedly Working On Foldable Laptop Displays

Samsung the best selling smartphone brand will introduce the first-ever foldable smartphone in the coming month. But that’s not all. It is a tech giant in terms of OLED displays. Samsung has no plans of slowing down with innovations. It says that Foldable laptop displays are going to be the next thing. The engineers and display makers at Samsung have put in efforts for something as innovative as this. Foldable laptop idea has come in after a new market is emerging for laptops.

Samsung has teamed with up various display makers for such wonderful laptops. Such laptop displays won’t only fold in and out but will also create an entirely brand new user experience. They are called AMOLED. Panel makers have teamed up with Samsung to create them. If this turns out into a profitable venture, it could mean millions of revenue for Samsung and display makers, both. An unbreakable flexible OLED display would be the key here.

Laptop Foldable Displays: Features

Samsung announced the foldable laptops news in Seoul, Korea. These laptops will incorporate Intel‘s newest wireless LAN card which in turn will lead to higher internet speed. Markets will see 2 in 1 device,  such designs by Samsung will obviously generate competition from other tech giants too.

For now, users only see twistable laptops in which screens can be rotated 180 or 360 degrees. Foldable display laptop innovation is a brand new concept. These devices could have a wide potential and an unimaginable experience. The foldable display technology is called “pocketable surface” by Microsoft. HP’s new Spectre Folio might be an example.

Samsung Foldable Laptop

Unfortunately, guys, Samsung hasn’t revealed any prototypes. But Lee Min-Cheol, vice president at marketing for PCs at Samsung sounded very confident at this venture. This would mean that Samsung has done much work on its part. We don’t know the company or the display techs that Samsung has partnered with as of now. Foldable display technology introduction in the market could transform how we see technology altogether. The foldable smartphone that Samsung is yet to unveil is either Galaxy F or Galaxy X. We will soon find that out.

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