Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Launch Date and Details

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has been working hard to innovate new devices, and they are committed to doing something novel and unusual. That was clearly seen when they launched phones with three and even four cameras. Their vision is not just vision, they are actually working on it to make it a reality and providing top technology to users.

More or less, they are taking the biggest leap in the smartphone market with their vision of developing a folding touchscreen with dual display mobile phone. There are a lot of rumors and false pictures available on the internet, and they have been in the news since they have announced that they are working on something like that.

Samsung's Foldable Smartphone

Samsung flaunted an AMOLED prototype screen that was flexible back in 2012, so they have been working on this phone for a long time. But still, there is a lot of work to be done as it seems to be. We were informed by Samsung CEO DJ Koh in September through a private news agency that they are going to reveal their foldable smartphone this year.

Even though we are almost done with October, there is no news about when that phone will be launched. But we might see something of it in the upcoming developer conference. Samsung is very excited about this conference, and they have even given a tagline to it which states – “the crossroads between the present and the future”.

This excitement might be due to their revelation of their never before technological advancement, and unprecedented design! Samsung Developer Conference will be held on 7 November 2018 in San Francisco. So, all eyes on that conference! The video that has been taking the internet is linked below, and that seems at least five years old by seeling the notification bar of Android!

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