Spider-Man Turf Wars: DLC Release Date And Trailer

Just this Saturday, Sony announced that the upcoming release of the “Turf Wars DLC” will feature villain Hammerhead from Spider-Man. After RDR 2, Spider-Man is 2018’s biggest and most anticipated video games, and it is all set to hit the market with its next installment of DLC before American Thanksgiving. Marvel’s Spider-Man loudly says in the trailer, ” The City that never sleeps” written above “TURF WARS.” Before I go on any further, watch the trailer-drop here:

The “TURF WARS” will cost you $9.99, if you haven’t bought the previous version that released in September of 2018. In this DLC, three fresh suits for Spider-Man will be included: the Spider-Armor, Spider Clan, and Iron Spider Armor. For those of you who have purchased “Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps” bundle, you can get free access to TURF WARS. This DLC will also include a brand new round of challenging missions, bases, crimes, challenges, trophies and much more!

If you have finished playing The Heist, you’ll know that the DLC ended with a major cliffhanger! The TURF WARS is all set to open on November 20, i.e. today! So get ready for a brand new round of more heists, challenges and three brand new armors where mob leader Hammerhead occupies the main stage. Hammerhead can be seen in the trailer with some badass objects that were left unclaimed by Sable’s mercenaries in the previous run. So you see Hammerhead fight, other families, throughout.

Spider-Man Turf Wars

If you look at the picture above you, the three spidey suits or armors look very different from the previous, say for example different from the comic Iron Spidey and ones shown in Avengers: Infinity War. As I mentioned before, the DLC is priced at $10 approx, individually. As a part of the season pass, it is available for $25. This makes sure that you get access to The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining, which is the next. Silver Lining comes out in December.

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