Spotify India Launch With Extended Trial Period

Spotify India

Spotify India Launch date is one of the biggest news in the Online Music Streaming Industry. As music giant, Spotify is all set for its launch its operation in India. A country with a population over a billion people and over 500 million Internet users. Spotify’s launch in India has been in the news since the start of 2018. Variety and Bloomberg reports suggest that the service is ready to launch in India in the next six months.

The company is rumored to launch in the country with an extensive free trial period, which Variety says will be longer than the 30 days, which is traditionally offered by the company when starting in new markets. Indian online music streaming industry has been dominated by Gaana, Saavn, Google Music and more. Along with reports earlier this year, CEO Daniel Ek announced that Spotify would be making its way to India.

Spotify India Launch

India has an evaluated 281 Million regular Internet users, out of which 182.9 million or 62% access internet daily in developed regions, as compared to only 98 million users or 53%, in rural India. Most of these Indians prefer Bollywood music and entertainment. Having such a massive addition of users in Spotify, it would make the company more prominent than ever.

Spotify India Launch

According to some confirmed reports, 250 employees along with a Headquarters in Mumbai is already acquired by Spotify. The company has achieved over 83 million paying subscribers till July 2018 and considering a massive success of Netflix in India, Spotify may shine as bright as others or even brighter.

Spotify is the biggest paid streaming music company globally; although it’s limited to Latin America, North America, and Europe. These areas, account for less than a 1/3 of the world’s population, contribute more than 90 percent of Spotify’s paying customers. India is one of the fastest-growing music markets with a vast content craving internet users, and Spotify may be doing right expanding its market.

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