Spotify Is Finally Back On Roku Devices

Spotify Is Finally Back On Roku Devices

Spotify is finally coming back to Roku, and all the music geeks would be amazed for sure. It has been taken off for a while, and some people reported the same to Roku. Spotify left Roku devices last year in December, as there was a lack of satisfaction for that particular version of the software. However, they told that they would be back with something better soon.

After almost 11 months, Spotify will finally return to Roku products, and I am sure it will be interesting to see what development they have made. All the devices which are now having Roku OS 9 and Roku TVs having OS 8.2 can download the Spotify app from the channel store. It has improved its accessibility, as it is not just controllable with remote, but it has now Spotify Connect.

Spotify Is Finally Back On Roku Devices
Spotify On Roku

Spotify Connect lets you control Spotify app with portable devices such as mobile phones. Nonetheless, the updated Spotify app for Roku looks similar to the other platform app such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Samsung TVs, etc. In an astonishing move, Spotify also announced that it would provide a free Google Home Mini for those who have subscribed to the family account.

It might be because they have recently extended the voice command supports for Google Assistant to the Spotify app. So, those with family accounts can use the new feature without paying for the speaker. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone!

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