T-Mobile Claims It Has Blocked Over a Billion Spam Calls

T-Mobile CEO recently made headlines when he spoke on the menace of scam calls and what his company was found in this regard. He called the issue of scam calls as an industry-wide thing that was affecting one and all. Besides he also said that T-Mobile has blocked over a billion scam calls till date. And this figure of one million is only calculated for the past 18 months! T-Mobile has no plans of slowing down on the progress and says it will continue blocking more.

The wireless carrier company T-Mobile has placed an integrated spoof identification technology to the network itself. Such integration will help in pre-identification of spam calls. In the United States, the Federal Communication Commission lays necessary guidelines for carriers. In the latest, T-Mobile has been asked to make use of technology that’ll auto-detect spoofing caller IDs.

Over the brief period of 18 months, T-Mobile has taken some stringent action as it has blocked over a billion illegal IDs. The wireless company also reports that it has prepared groundwork by marking another 6 billion illegal IDs. Credit goes to First Orion besides T-Mobile as the former has worked closely with the company by providing call management and protection for T-Mobile. First Orion has also helped Metro by T-Mobile and other such carrier companies in providing call protection.

T-mobile Spam

Company CEO CEO John Legere called for the adoption of FCC standards by the whole communications industry. By that way, every consumer will be protected in a much better way. John revealed that almost half of the calls in the US by 2019 would be spam calls. So the menace of spam needs to be sorted right out by every communication carried by the adoption of FCC standards.

Spam calls in the US have upped from 3.7% last year to 29.2 % in 2017. The easiest method at the hand of spanning tricksters is called “neighborhood spoofing” by which spammers disguise calls with local prefixes, so people assume these calls are safe to pick up. Notices to all major companies such as Google, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, etc. have been sent by FCC head Ajit Pai urging them to install call authentication systems.

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