Tencent has grown like never before after releasing its notable games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and League of Legends. However, Tencent has been criticized for influencing students to play violent games and even distracting them from studies. There were examples where children left their homework to play games from Tencent. I know it is like praising Tencent as their games are addictive, but still, they need to verify whether the game users are adhering to their terms and conditions.

To know more about the players and to restrain unauthorized gaming, Tencent will ask for an identity confirmation in China. To verify their identity, users will have to provide their Chinese national IDs to continue playing Tencent games. The latest move will confirm the birth date and other details and will eliminate young-aged players from playing any of the Tencent games.

Tencent Games Will Require Chinese National ID To Play Any Game In China

Astonishingly, Tencent’s widely appraised and one of the most popular games of the year PUBG is also going to receive the same security measure. It is believed that PUBG will require identity declaration from the next year, along with Leagues of Legends.

Apart from this, Tencent is also being pressurized from the law as President Xi Jinping also pointed out that there are so many children affected by these games. President Xi Jinping also assured that government is taking the required actions against Tencent and they even banned Tencent from launching any new games. This cost Tencent about $1.5 billion as they lost the revenue of their ongoing projects that they were working on!


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