‘Tesla Model 3’ Manufacturing Under Investigation By The FBI

Tesla Model 3 Manufacturing Under Investigation by FBI

Tesla has been producing its Model 3 since last year, but they seem to be in legal trouble due to their production volume. We all know that Tesla always tries to pull out the highest possible production volume for their cars. But this time their calculations were a total mess, and the complexities in the manufacturing ruined everything they had on paper.

Tesla is being invested by FBI after allegations of providing misguiding data of Model 3 production volume. They are accused of misleading the investors regarding the company’s business, as noted by a private news agency. Many reliable sources mentioned to the same news agency that the investigation is getting rougher.

FBI officials also contacted some of the ex-employees of Tesla, who are familiar to the production plan of Tesla Model 3 sedan. Some ex-employees were even subpoenaed, and FBI wants to interview some of them. They have been investigating this issue since 2017 when Tesla initially began to promote the production plans of Model 3.

Elon Musk even tweeted on 3 July 2017, and he informed the people that they might also produce 20000 cars a month by December of the same year. So, they already had huge burdens on their shoulders. Moreover, they faced many technical difficulties which led to the reduced production volume. Hence, it would be interesting to see how does this investigation progress and what will be the outcome!

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