‘Tesla Model Y’ Ready For Manufacturing

Tesla Model Y Ready For Manufacturing

Tesla’s Model Y has been in the news and people’s minds since rumors were flowing. But now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself has confirmed that he has signed the final prototype of the Model Y. Those who do not know, Model Y is an upcoming all-electric crossover SUV, which is supposed to enter the production line now.

Elon Musk knows the expectations from customers, so he had to make sure that everything goes the way they planned. So, until he would not be sure, he must not have approved the design. We can assume that the upcoming Tesla SUV is going to be the best Tesla can provide for now. Hence, everyone is keeping a close-eye toward the development of Model Y.

However, Elon Musk even mentioned that they are not planning full volume mass production for now. He also manifested that it may be delayed till 2020, as they have everything on paper. Not to be disappointed, as we might see a launch event or maybe revelation in March 2019. Certain design and feature data might help car enthusiasts wait for another year.

One of the reasons for the delay might be their full volume production lines for other cars. They have their Fremont facility overcrowded right now as they are manufacturing cars with full force! Nonetheless, they have space in Nevada, where their Gigafactory is located. Unfortunately, it might take a lot of time and investment to make that place production ready.

Nevertheless, wherever the car will be manufactured, it has a lot of potential in the market. Their Model 3 experienced majorly positive responses, and it is one of the best-selling cars in the US right now. So, we might expect Model Y even to surpass Model 3 regarding sales!

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