Twitter Experiences Significant Downfall In Users While Trying To Wipe Fake-Accounts


US midterm election of 2018 had a lot of issues to look over, but the social media influence had the main attraction. We have seen that social media is having a major impact on the results of any election around the globe. All the nations were seen having problems with social media platforms as many bot accounts were doing promotions.

Similarly, the last United States elections were also influenced by such bots. There were many allegations on Twitter about the misleading information that the platform has been being filled up with. To tackle this issue, Twitter had its own way to close down many of the bot accounts. They have even wiped many spam accounts and spam tweets.

Twitter also faced a backlash when the Saudi government allegedly paid trolls to silence critics. This was the worst incident, which raised fingers on Twitter about how well it is doing to create a safe social environment online. Twitter has done a lot to prove all the accusations wrong, as they conducted a new trend of #BeAVoter and encouraged people to wait.

But still, that is not enough as Twitter has to prove that they have an isolated area where users can share their views. Most importantly, they will have to make sure that they are not letting any spam or bot accounts influence the polls. All the allegations had resulted in a lowered number of users on Twitter even though Twitter is trying everything to confront the situation.

However, until they are full proof, we presume that users are going to leave the platform. Moreover, declining users have made investors concerned about whether they should invest into Twitter or not. So, Twitter has to assure investors too, as it has many rivals who can attract them, such as Facebook or Google.

Jack Dorsey said, “We are happy with the progress we have made, but we have a ton more work to do.” This evinces that Twitter is more serious than ever to do the right work to appease the users and compete against the other social media giants.

Written by Jay Patel

Hey guys, my name is Jay, and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but a technical geek by passion. I live in Vadodara, India and I have been writing on tech for over two years now. If I don't look at at least ten new technological advancements a day, my day does not complete. You can contact me at

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