Twitter is now on an all-out war with both accounts and accounts which are influencing politics and elections of any country. Although Twitter already has a standard report feature on any tweet, an added function will help Twitter analyze fake accounts a lot. Twitter has updated their reporting process, and that will help you when you think that the account which us tweeting is fake.

So, when you select “report” for any tweet, a pop up will arise with some options. Select “it’s suspicious or spam” option to go further, and then if you think that the account is fake or a bot, you can choose “the account tweeting this is fake.” The change was recently announced, and it is a welcome move for sure. This will help Twitter to find out the bot accounts as all the users can now help Twitter.

Twitter is not concerned about the reducing number of users as it knows that providing a safe environment is the main thing. If there will be good security, users will surely grow. They have announced earlier that they removed 70 million accounts violating its policies. Their declining users has also reflected on the most recent earnings report, but that does not matter at all for now.

So, Twitter might be neglecting the temporary financial loss, as they are aiming to provide the best possible safe space for users. They are right now working the overall integrity and have long-term goals!


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