Uber Announced New Monthly Subscription Plan

Uber Announced New Monthly Subscription Plan

The cab market is again making the news as the competition is rising. Initially, Uber had a less number of competitors, but Lyft has filled that void. Nonetheless, everything relating to their rivalry is going to benefit customers. So, Uber has announced a new monthly plan which starts at $14.99. It is called Ride Pass, but do not confuse it with any free rides.

The service provides easy and cost-effective transport to riders at the peak timings or in remote situations such as lousy climate. The service is available in Los Angeles (but costly, $24.99/month), Denver, Austin, Texas, Miami, and Orlando (Florida).

I must mention that Lyft’s latest monthly plan might influence this plan. Lyft announced a plan which was for $299/month, and it will provide 30 free rides to subscribers. So, if you are limited to 30 trips a month, then you can travel free of cost with the subscription. Above 30 rides, you will have to pay 95% of the total amount. However, the free trips are capped at $15 fare per ride, so all the access charge will cost subscriber.

But Uber’s plan is different from Lyft, as Uber’s new plan has nothing to do with free rides. It just provides constant lowered rates whether it is peak hour or any severe weather conditions. I can explain it like this, suppose, you are leaving from your work, and it is raining. So, everyone would be calling Uber. This usually results in escalated ride fares. But if you have Uber’s subscription, then you will still get the usual rate!

Written by Jay Patel

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