Volkswagen Cars Can Now Be Unlocked Using Siri

Volkswagen has extended support to Apple users as Volkswagen cars can now be unlocked and locked using Siri by VW Car-Net app. Furthermore, Siri can also answer several questions about the connected Volkswagen car such as approximate mileage, fuel or charge available in the vehicle, and turn on alarms.

Not just that, users can now ask Siri to start or end a charging session for their hybrid car, or it can even turn on the defroster. Moreover, Siri can also set the temperature of the car and even help to locate the vehicle. However, Cart-Net is not free to all the Volkswagen owners, and the app costs certain fees for subscription per month.

Cart-Net provides several advanced features too, such as pinpointing their car location and they can also set a geofence for their car. Also, users can check the diagnostics of their vehicle on-the-go. All of these functions might not seem like overwhelming tasks, but it ensures that we can operate the vehicle remotely and find the car in a mess.

Amazon is also working on its Alexa assistant for cars, as they are trying to design an assistant for vehicles. So, we might soon see Alexa greeting car owners, along with their Echo Auto, which can be enabled in those cars which were not designed for it. It would be interesting to see how Alexa works with vehicles!

Written by Jay Patel

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