WhatsApp Has Found A Way To Show Ads

WhatsApp Has Found A Way To Show Ads

WhatsApp has been widely used, and it continues to be one of the best messenger apps to the date. WhatsApp also received an update in which users can now share status updates, similar to Instagram stories. It was an instant hit, and now it even generates more statuses than Snapchat itself!

WhatsApp used to take subscription charges from users to keep it ad-free. However, WhatsApp removed all the fees in 2016, and they even assured users that WhatsApp will still be ad-free. But I think downfall in parent company Facebook’s earning and declining user growth has overburdened the whole organization. That might be the reason why Facebook now wants an advertisement for WhatsApp too.

Facebook has turned around from their statement of keeping WhatsApp ad-free, maybe due to monetary issues. But the question is, where will we see the advertisements? It will be in the widely used stories. I think it might be similar to what Instagram is right now witnessing. Advertisement between stories would be the case for WhatsApp too!

Facebook has hinted that this decision was taken to increase the tendency of businesses to reach to their potential customers. This will facilitate better reachability for businesses to customers, and customers too will have awareness about new products. However, Facebook has not provided any Timeline for their monetizing move.

Written by Jay Patel

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