WhatsApp’s Latest Update With Stickers

WhatsApp's Latest Update With Stickers

Stickers are all over the internet, be it Facebook or Snapchat, or any other messenger app. But I really do not know why Facebook’s own WhatsApp was missing this feature. We all know that WhatsApp is immensely popular all over the world. So, Facebook took the risk of not providing a useful feature to a big user base.

But maybe Facebook has realized its fault, and now they are correcting their mistake. Yes, WhatsApp now has stickers. All the users can now send stickers to their loved ones. Although WhatsApp has informed that they will feature the new sticker function in coming weeks, people have witnessed that it is already available through the latest update.

The stickers will be easily accessible as they will have a dedicated place in the text input field. Clicking the same will open up a drawer of stickers, where users can choose whichever sticker they would like to send. However, users will have to download the stickers first to use them. It is Facebook by the way, so why would not the feature be the same?

For now, WhatsApp designers are creating stickers alongside some auxiliary artists. Nonetheless, WhatsApp has added support for third-party stickers on Android and iOS both formats. So, it will be amazing to use the new feature of WhatsApp!

Written by Chintan Patel

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