How to change color of iPhone’s Status Bar

Best thing About Jailbreaking your device is that you can download and install alot of tweaks which let you customize user interface of your iOS device whether its iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Well today i have got a tweak for you which let you customize your the status bar of your iPhone, By using this tweak you can change the color... more →
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How to Enable Zoom option in iPhone or iPad

How to,Enable,Zoom,option,iPhone,iPad
I was checking out my iPhone when I found this quote useful feature that can be used to magnify or zoom the screen of your iPhone almost everywhere in the user interface, its also allows you to zoom into your home screen and it can help you to make the text look bigger and it doesn’t even spreads the pixels, It is also useful... more →
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How to Delete All Messages at once in iPhone

If you are using iOS 7, you cant delete all of your iPhone messages at once unless you have your device jailbreaked, there is a tweak that let you delete all of your messages at once, But in iOS 8 update, thats still in development. you have the option to delete several messages at once. If you dont have iOS 8 on your iPhone you... more →
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How to Fix Error 1669 on iPhone

Error 1669,How to,Fix,iPhone,Apple
Error 1669 is quite common when you try to restore your iPhone using iTunes,It is very annoying when you are tryin got restore your device and this error pops up, but dont worry I have found a working fix for Error 1669. Before moving on to the solution you should first do this trouble shooting that might fix the error Update iTunes,... more →
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How to Fix Disappearing Contacts in iCloud

Using iCloud can be trouble some for some users, In the most recent update of iOS that is iOS 7.1.2 you might have noticed that the contacts disappear after you try to sync them with your iCloud, There is another issue that when you add a Contact in a certain device it doesn’t get synced to all of your other devices connected... more →
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How to Enable or Disable Geotagging in iOS 7.1

How to,Enable,Disable,Geotagging,iOS 7.1,iPhone
Geotagging a photo means tagging the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the location the photograph was taken at in the photograph details. This feature is performed automatically by the iPhone so long as the device’s location services and the Camera app’s location services are enabled. Enabling these location... more →
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How to Install iPA Files Without Jailbreak

How to,Install,iPA,Files,Without,Jailbreak,iPhone,iPad
Installing iPA Files when you have a jailbreaked device is very easy it just takes couple of minutes to do so, The real thing is to install iPA Files without a jailbreaked iDevice, But its not impossible, In this Guide I will tell you how can you Install iPA files of a software in your iPhone, iPad or iPod without having your device... more →
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