How to use flashtool for Sony Xperia devices

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How to use flashtool for sony xperia devices ? The main reason why everyone loves Android OS is that it offers its users lots of flexibility to modify its software. One of the many amazing features it provides, is to easily install new software in you phone in few simple steps. For Sony devices, Flashtool is used.

What is flashtool?

It is software developed to easily install official firmwares on sony devices. In addition to that it can also be used to flash a custom kernel and for rooting your device. Download flashtool here. 

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      1. You need required drivers to be installed on you computer for proper working
      2. Install Sony PC Companion
      3. It has drivers included
      4. For Mac devices, Download Sony Bridge For Mac

Using Flashtool:

      • First go to Settings>About phone and note the device model
      • Then download .ftf file for its latest firmware
      • Put this file into “firmwares” folder (\Flashtool\firmwares)


      • It should look like this inside folder:


      • Then run “Flashtool.exe”


      • After starting, it will look like this:


      • Now click on lightning icon on top left and select “flashmode”


      • Now from the list, select the firmware of you phone model.


      • Tick the options as showed in red box
      • Then click “OK”
      • Following screen will appear:


      • Turn off you phone, and wait for 5 seconds
      • Plug in USB cable into USB port of your PC
      • Then hold “back button” of your device and plug USB cable into mobile’s micro USB port

       NOTE: It varies from device to device that which button you hold while plugging in micro USB cable into phone.

  •  As soon as you plug in device, it will  start installing software on your device
  • Now you have successfully installed a new software on your device.Screenshot_8

      NOTE: You have to hold the button pressed until flashing has started. leave the button once it is started.


      1. Always check USB drivers first
      2. Battery should be charged above 80%
      3. Use a standard USB cable


      1. Do not unplug device until process is completed
      2. Do not turn off PC while until process is completed
      3. Do not select a wrong firmware
      4. Do not select any option other than mentioned above until you know what are you doing

Here is a Video Guide on How to Install FTF Using Flashtool:

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments below.

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