How to Install Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Your Windows PC [Guide]

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What is ADB?

ADB stands for “Android Debug Bridge”. ADB is essential to establish a connection between you android device/android emulator and PC. If you are a developer, or an android device owner, who wants to mess with his android then you will need ADB & Fastboot installed on your PC.

How to Install ADB & Fastboot drivers?

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      • First you need to install Java SE Development Kit 7 for your windows (Green link above)
      • After downloading it, just install it and don’t change any option

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3


Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6


      •  As soon as you open Android SDK Manager, it will show number of options
      • Only select “Android SDK Platform-Tools and Google USB Drivers. You’ll find one former on top while latter at bottom in extras

Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11

      • Install these packages
      • When “Done loading packages” appears, it means drivers have been successfully installed
      • Now you may close it
      • To make sure drivers are installed, connect your device to your PC via standard USB cable and your PC will automatically detect it
      • It will also install its USB drivers along with it
      • Now go to C:\Users\dell\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
      • Copy three files shown below:

Screenshot_12 Screenshot_13

      • Make a new folder in C:\ called “Fastboot”
      • Paste these three files in that folder

What is Fastboot?

It is a basic tool which is used to install custom kernels, custom recoveries like CWM, ROMS. It is used in many other ways too.

To use fastboot, your device must boot into fastboot mode first. Every manufacturer provides its own method:

For Sony:  You press (+)volume button, with few exceptions in older devices

For HTC: You press (-)vlume button + power button

For Samsung: Boot into “download mode”

How to use Fastboot Mode?

      • Connect your device in fastboot mode to your PC
      • Open the “Fastboot” folder in C:\
      • Put any .img file in this folder, you want to flash
      • Press and hold “shift” button and right click of mouse
      • Select “Open Command Window Here


      • Following window will open:



      • Now type “fastboot flash boot example.img” and press enter
      • It will flash the .img file on your device


      • Remember, you have to type exact name of .img file in place of “example.img” in “fastboot flash boot example.img” command
      • There are many other things you can do with fastboot mode
      • To learn them, type “fastboot help” command, press enter and a list of fastboot commands will appear


      • That’s it. You have successfully installed ADB & Fastboot drivers
      • You have also learned how to use fastboot mode

Note: Be careful to follow every step as described above.

I hope you found thiss tutorial useful and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to use comments section below. I will appreciate your feedback.

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