How to Backup Contacts and Messages on Android Smartphone

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No matter how many songs or movies are stored on our smartphones, the most important data will always be “Contacts” and “Messages”. This is because, this is the main purpose of a smartphone. Once it happened that i lost all my contacts. This was the saddest moment of my life. It was like i lost everything and my smarphone was useless now. That is why i have decided that none of you will ever lose your precious data. In this post you will learn how to backup contacts and messages on android smartphone.



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We will explain seprate methods to backup contacts and messages for better understanding.

Backup Contacts

To make a backup of your contacts and call logs, three methods are available. We will explain each of them one-by-one. We will also explain how you can import these contacts to your phone later.

1. Export Contacts to vCard:

This is one of the most reliable and oldest methods available to save your contacts. Follow these steps to backup your contacts:

  • Open “Contacts” app



  • Hit menu button and select “Export Contacts”

contacts export


  • Now select the storage type you want to use (Sd Card is preferrable)

storage type


  • Later you can upload this file to an online storage like Dropbox, Drive or Skydrive for safekeeping
  • Now click on “OK”




  • Your contacts are now in a  backup file

This is how you backup your contacts to a vCard. The advantage of vCard is that you can send it to any other mobile any use it. You can make a new vCard file every week to store new contacts and delete old vCard files.

1.1 Import Contacts from vCard:

  • Impoting contacts from a vCard is very simple
  • You just need to hit the menu button in contacts app
  • Select “Import Contacts”



  • Select the file you want to restore


select file


  • Click on “ok”
  • You will also be asked if you want to import them to phone storage (Local Contacts) or to your google account. Google account is preferrable
  • Your contacts will be restored

2. Save contacts with an app:

There are several apps available on Google Play Store which can backup contacts. We recommend MC Backup app.



  • Open MC Backup app

mc backup


  • You can open settings tab and select desired option like saving contact picture etc

mc app settings


  • Hit “backup” button

backup button


  • All contacts will be backed up



  • Now you can save this vcf file in any online storage or e-mail yourself




  • You can downlaod and use this file anytime

3. Sync contacts with Google Account:

This method is most easy and highly recommended. All Android users must use this method.

  • Go to Settings
  • Open your Google account
  • Select “sync contacts”
  • All your contacts will be synced forever
  • You can always import from google account
  • Enable auto-sync for better functionality

google sync

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