How to install/Uninstall Apk directly from PC using ADB Command

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. Those who are not aware of this name must recognize “USB Debugging” option in developer options in Settings app in Android devices. This a development tool that allows users to control their Android devices directly from PC using a command prompt. This tool has been used for very long to perform several tasks based on development. If you do not know how to enable USB Debugging on your Android device, then read below:

How to enable USB Debugging:

  • For Android 4.1.x and lower, simply navigate to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging
  • For Android 4.2.x and higher, developer options are not visible in Settings
  • Developer options are hidden and you can unlock them by one easy step
  • Navigate to Settings > About Phone/Tablet and tap on Build number or software version about 7 times
  • It will enable Developer Options
  • Now Navigate to Settings > Developer Options and look for a toggle button at top right
  • If it is already enabled, then leave it otherwise enable it
  • You will find USB Debugging option in list below; Enable it
  • That’s it, you have successfully enable USB Debigging on your Android device

The next thing you will need is to set up ADB and Fastboot tools. These are requird to perform several ADB Commands via PC command prompt. These are also used in many other things like flashing custom ROMs, custom kernels and recoveries. Here, we will use to install and uninstall Apks on any Android device directly from PC. There are two ways to set up ADB tools. Choose the one you like:

How to set up ADB on PC:

1. Installing it manually:

You can install all packages manually on your PC. This is a long process and it occupies quite much space. However, it is an ultimate solution and once you have installed it, you won’t be needing any other tool again. If you want to install it manually, then oprn following link:

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How to install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC – TechGlen

2. Install automatically with Minimal ADB & Fastboot installer:

This is a much awaited tool which has been developed by Simp208This is a really helpful tool as it takes away all the hard work required to install ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC. You do not even have to set up Fastboot folder manually. It comes with a exe file, with which you can easily use any ADB command. It also reduces the installation size to just 2 MB. This is a remarkable tool and a great job done by its developer. If you want to use Minimal ADB and fastboot installer, then open the link given below:

Minimal ADB & Fastboot Installer – Download Here

Now that you have set up all the necessary tools, head over to next page to learn about ADB commands used to install and uninstall Apks. We will describe several conditions where different commands are to be used.

ADB Commands >>> Page 2

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