Root and Install CWM on Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200, I9205 4.2.2 firmware

When we push the concept of large phones to the max, we get Galaxy Mega 6.3. Rivaled by very few, Galaxy Mega 6.3 is one of the world’s largest smartphones. To be more precise, we should call it a phablet. It is just 7 inches shorted than a standard tablet. The size of this phone may look fascinating, but it also creates some weird situations, like doing a call or when trying to tuck it into pant’s pockets. For some, it seems too oversized, even for a phablet, but some tech geeks are unable to resist this phone. If size is not a problem for someone, then it can be a great companion for those. It makes everything more fun and enjoyable.

The best things about Galaxy Mega 6.3 is videos viewing experience. The large screen makes the whole experience richer and enchanting. Another selling point of this device is the gaming experience. Play Store is swarming with action packed, console quality games like Dues Ex. They can be played on small screens alright, but they are just not enough. Gaming experience on this smartphones is brilliant and that is why this phone is highlt recommended for gamers.

Samsung Galaxy Mega comes in two basic variants, I9200 and I9205. One is with LTE while other is without it. Latter is mainly produced for Asian market. Both are equipped with identical hardware. They are powered by Dual Core Krait processor, clocked at 1.7 GHz. The GPU installed is Adreno 305. The installed RAM is really interesting. It is supported by 1.5 GB of RAM. This is something we had not seen before it. It is somewhere between devices like Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. RAM play important role in any device’s smooth performance. More RAM means more apps can run parallel and one can do more without closing previously opened applications. It makes multi tasking more fun and convenient.

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galaxy mega 6.3 root cwm

Although Galaxy Mega 6.3 is equipped with brilliant hardware, yet there is room for improvement. These improvements can be made only after rooting it. Most of people must be aware of the fact that rooting voids warranty and so think if it something bad or not safe. Gone are the days when rooting was something unsafe. So, there is no need to worry about that. The question left is that why one must root the device, only to void warranty. Rooting an Android device grants its owners extreme rights. A rooted Android device can be moulded into anything. All system protected/locked files are available and one has to modify few codes to get the required results. There are few things that cannot be changed without rooting device. We will discuss more about it later. The second part of this guide is related to installing ClockworkMod custom recovery. Every Android device comes with a pre-installed stock recovery. It is basically same as a custom recovery but it has limited functionality. A recovery is used to control OS without booting into it. It is used to flash firmwares manually and many other mods. A custom recovery can be used to flash more stuff than a stock recovery. A custom recovery is filled with many other useful features like Nandroid backup, ADB mount and others. Therefore, a custom recovery is essential if you are planning to do some cools stuff with your device.

This is not a one-step process. It is not long either. You only need to be patient and careful If you become to hasty, you might repent later. So, take proper time and complete every step given here carefully. Make sure that you complete all the requirements given below and then proceed to the next step. All of these steps are mentioned to make sure that your device remains safe.

Important Precautions

1. ADB and Fastboot Drivers:

ADB stands for “Android Debug Bridge”. ADB is essential to establish a connection between you android device/android emulator and PC. If you are a developer, or an android device owner, who wants to mess with his android then you will need ADB & Fastboot installed on your PC. ADB and Fastboot drivers are essential to detect your device while it is connected to computer. Without these, you may find it difficult to root your device. If you do not know how to install ADB and Fastboot Drivers, Visit our Guide for this purpose.

For everything related to Android from now on, you will need ADB and Fastboot. That is why it is essential to set up these tools before proceeding. You have to do it only once, and then use them forever. Visit following link to learn how to do it.

How to Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers – TechGlen

Alternatively, you can also install ADB and Fastboot drivers much quickly using Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installer. The installations size is much smaller than the full SDK tools.

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installer – Download Here

2.Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 USB Drivers:

After you have installed ADB and Fastboot drivers, connect your device to computer. It will download and install essential USB Drivers itself. If you face any issues in connectivity, install these USB drivers.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 USB Drivers – Download Here

3.Battery must be charged over 70%:

This is the most important precaution. If you have done everything right and while you are doing it and your phone turns off, there’s no telling what will happen to your device. Normally, the whole process will take less than few minutes and some people might consider doing it without charging the phone. As a matter of fact, many times I have got my self into such situations that because of low battery, my phone turned off in mid and you can know the rest. However, it was not so hard to revive those devices and I have not yet damaged any device. So, just follow whole guide and you will be safe as well.

4.Check your Phone Model:

There are a lot of variants of devices and sometimes it gets hard to distinguish them without seeing the technical information. Using a wrong file can potentially brick your device. In most of the cases, devices can be recovered, but don’t be too careless with your device. Always confirm that the guide you are following is for your device. You can learn about your device’s model name by navigating to Settings>About Phone. After you have confirmed your phone model, you can proceed further.

This Guide is only for Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 and I9205

5.Do not turn off Computer during Updating Process:

This mistake has same effects as having low battery on your device. That is why be careful to keep your computer plugged in during whole process.

6.Backup all your important Data:

Normally, rooting process does not wipe out your data but to be on the safe side, it is advisable to backup your data so that you can recover it in case of data wipe. If you are using a SD Card, remove it before rooting and insert it again after rooting has been done. Backup all data on internal storage on your computer. Backup messages and contacts by using methods described above. Follow this BACKUP GUIDE. If your device is rooted, BACKUP DATA WITH TITANIUM BACKUP.

If you already have TWRP or CWM recovery on your device, then you should make a Nandroid Backup. In case something goes wrong or you don’t like new update, you can easily go back to previous ROM easily.

6.Use correct file for your smartphone:

Sometimes we have lots of files, having similar names put together in same folder. Accidentally, we can use a wrong file which can result in bricking device. Therefore, it is advisable to put specific files for your device in a separate folder. This way, you will not be mistaken.

7.Get Developer Options Enabled:

In android 4.2.2, developer options are hidden. Developer option are provided for development purposes like rooting itself. It is second-last tab but you may not find it yet. To activate Developer Options you need to navigate to Settings>About Phone. Tap build number about 7  times until you get a pop-up saying your are a developer. In Android 4.1.2, developer options are already visible.

In case you face any connectivity issues, it might resolve issues.

8.Backup EFS Data:

Before flashing anything like a custom ROM or a custom mod, you must backup EFS data. If anything goes wrong and you lose this data, your phone will lose phone signals. You can backup EFS data using TWRP recovery provided here. Once you have backed up EFS, there is nothing to worry about. You may now flash the custom ROM without any worry. There are number of applications available on Play Store for this purpose or you can do it manually using Root Explorer.

Required Downloads

Download the files for your device’s model number only. The recoveries used here are Philz Touch Advance CWM recoveries. SuperSU is developed by Chainfire.


Remember that all processes like rooting, flashing and manual updating are custom methods. They have no concern with Google or mobile manufacturer. Follow every step carefully to avoid any mishap. Owner of site will not be held responsible in case of any mishap. Do it at your own risk. Rooting and flashing custom ROMs will also void warranty.

How to Install CWM on Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 / I9205 – Instructions

  1. Download and start Odin 3.09
  2. Start Odin
  3. Click on the AP button and select downloaded md5 file for your device
  4. Odin will analyse the file and make it ready for flashing
  5. Now you need to turn off your smartphone and put it into “Download Mode”
  6. To do so, fist make sure that your device is completely turned off
  7. Now press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power keys
  8. Do not leave these buttons until you see a warning screen
  9. Now press Volume Up key to continue
  10. Now using the original USB cable, connect it to PC
  11. “Added!!” message will appear in the box at bottom of odin
  12. If phone is connected correctly, the colour or ID:COM box will change as well
  13. Make sure that only F.Reset Time and Auto Reboot are ticked
  14. Do not tick any other box given here
  15. Now just click on the start button
  16. The file will be flashed in few seconds
  17. It will reboot itself
  18. Now lets continue to rooting process

How to Root Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 / I9205 – Instructions

  1. Copy the downloaded SuperSU zip one phone’s internal or external memory
  2. Now turn off your device
  3. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons
  4. Do not leave these buttons until you are in recovery mode
  5. Select “Install zip”
  6. Now navigate t0 the folder where you have put SuperSU zip
  7. Confirm its installation
  8. Now go back to main menu and reboot your device
  9. Find the SuperSU app in app drawer
  10. That’s all! Enjoy the rooted Galaxy Mega 6.3

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