Download Whatsapp Plus 6.47 Apk

Whatsapp+ is another version of the all famous app whatsapp developed by a Spanish developer Rafalete in 2012. We do not know if this is legal but many of the users are opting the new app is it offers some of the new features ignored by its predecessor. Some of the features are same as in the old version but it comes with many additives which can be apted as a challenge to the original app. But before installing the original app , users have to delete the original whatsapp file and then install the apk file of whatsapp+. The app is free and in many ways similar to the original version. The most enchanting feature of the whatsapp+ is the addition of themes which makes the app a fun experience and visual treat to use. There are more than 700 different themes which can be directly installed from the whatsapp+. These themes does not only changes the background of the app but also the text styles, contacts list and bars are entirely modified which is a treat for the user. Another scintillating feature of the whatsapp+ is the addition of a long new list of emojis hence more than enough options are available for the user to express their feelings and emotions in a more comprehensive manner.

These smileys include the ones from the google hangout but there is a drawback that the other user will only be able to see those emotions if they are already using whatsapp+ otherwise the smiley or the emotion will appear as a question mark and not the emotion will be displayed. Another feature of the whatsapp plus was the hiding of user’s status but this option has been added in the upgraded version of the whatsapp messenger which is a great blow to the whatsapp+. Whatsapp+ however beats the original app as the icon colour can be changed,the status bars can be modified and the most plus feature of the whatsapp+ is the change the limit of file size which will enable the users to send large files,an option which was not previously available. Users can also change the size and colours of their widget,pop up notifications and customize their app to a whole new level.


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The app offers some supernal features ready to take on its original version by some exciting themes, highly customizable features, change in size of sending file and a swarm of new emotions and smileys from the google hangouts. This app also is very easy to use and most if its good looking features are absolutely free.


The app however also comes with some back draws as the app is not officially legal and users have to delete their original whatsapp application in order to install whatsapp+. Moreover the emoji options is only available for the users already using the whatsapp+ application. For others, these new smileys from the google hangouts will only appear as ? in their message box.


To summarize this all, this app is a mix of things. With some of the negative points, this app also offers some features which was ignored by the original whatsapp application and is wanted and liked highly by users.

Install Whatsapp Plus on Android Smartphone

  • Downlaod Whatsapp Plus 6.47 Apk.
  • Copy it to Android device.
  • Enable Unknown Sources from Settings>Security.
  • Open apk using any file explorer.
  • Tap on install and follow up the next steps.
  • That’s it! Enjoy.

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