Use Google maps on iPhone or iPad without Internet Connection

Well if you are tired of Apple’s map and the only thing you miss of Android is its google maps, then you’re not alone, Apple maps are not what they used to be since they parted from Google, They have always been a mess, Apple has improved it over the years, Now the developed countries and big cities have good terrain, but if you more to under developed or developing countries, Apple maps are very slow in Update, In my country the Apple maps show the terrain of past 5 years and since then many things have change but the map is still same, So i prefer Google maps in my iOS device as well, I have downloaded Google Maps, You can download it from here for free.

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In this Guide I will tell you how can you use Google Maps on iPhone or iPad without internet, As you might have a clue if you have used Google maps that as your phone drops the cellular service and you dont have wifi,Google maps suddenly shows error that it cant be loaded more at this time.

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To save from this you can save your Google maps for offline access, If you are going for any adventurous trip,This guide can be very handy for you, It stores the Maps for offline access, It can help you if you are struck in the middle of no where and you dont have signals.

Use Google maps on iPhone or iPad without Internet

Follow the below steps to use google maps on iPhone or iPad without internet access, you can also check out this video it will give you a better idea on how to perform the below written steps.

  • Make sure your Google maps App is Up to Date, if it isint; Update it to the latest version.
  • After updating the App, Open the Google maps on your iPhone or iPad
  • On the top Side, Along the search bar you will see the profile icon, Tap on it and move to the bottom of the page.
  • There you will find the section for Offline maps, There are two method present to save maps for Offline navigation.
  • There you will see an option to save the Map for Offline viewing if you don’t have cellular access.
  • Another method, That is more easy, Just find the area you want to download and save on your iPhone or iPad for Offline access, And Type “Ok Maps
  • The app will download that specific area for Offline access.
  • You might be asked to zoom in an area, If the Radius is too large for the app to save, You might also be asked to name the place, and then you can save, after that you can use Google maps on iPhone or iPad without Internet Access.

The Google maps in iOS device like iPhone or iPad are saved only for a month, After that the app clears the maps to save space, If you have any problem regarding Use of Google maps on iPhone or iPad without internet connection, Let us know in the comments.

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